Why Roll Form?

  • Roll forming is a continuous metal forming process that transforms sheet, strip or coiled metal into shapes with a consistent cross section. The stock is fed through successive pairs of rolls, which progressively shape the metal until the desired cross section is produced. Only progressive forming (bending) takes place; the metal thickness is not changed except for a slight thinning at the bend radii.
  • Roll forming video from Dalarna University:
    "What exactly is Roll Forming?"
    Find out the basics...watch this short instructional video produced by Dalarna University.

What are the benefits of Roll Forming?

    • An efficient and economical metal working process to form sheet or coil stock.
    • Roll forming is a cold forming process.
    • Slots, holes, miters embossing, etc can sometimes be included to eliminate costly, extra, secondary operations.
    • Consistent shapes and uniform cross sections.
    • Finished parts may be produced in one operation.
    • Economical unit costs.
    • Combine 2 materials in a single process, i.e. incorporate vinyl weather stripping into metal carrier.
    • An ideal process for adding caulking beads, adjusting symmetrical widths, combining shapes, etc.

Why Custom Roll Forming?

    • Enjoy technical proficiency in tooling/product design, packaging, and production.
    • Have no investment in capital equipment.
    • Gain the flexibility and versatility of numerous lines.
    • Avoid the need to purchase and inventory raw materials.
    • Have access to a wide range of related equipment and processing capabilities.
    • Save overhead costs and plant space.
    • Avoid costly equipment downtime between jobs.
    • Eliminate the need to locate, hire, train and retain qualified personnel.

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