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    MP Metals has years of experience cold-rolling steel and other metals into your custom designs.

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    MP Metals is centrally located in the Midwest in the beautiful town of Ixonia, Wisconsin.

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    MP Metals is adept at bringing your order to completion and delivery in record time. Talk to our Sales department today.

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    MP Metals is an ISO Certified manufacturer.

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    MP Metals offers custom packaging and labeling to aid tracking requirements.

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    MP Metals has many roll forming lines to meet a variety of customer requirements.

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    As a coil-based process, typical production lots begin around 5,000 lineal feet.

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    MP Metals offers custom packaging and secondary operations.

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    MP Metals can assist with suggestions to help make your shape more economically.

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    MP Metals forms Stainless, Copper, Galvanized, Hot and Cold Rolled Steel, as well as Pre-painted and Mill finished Aluminum.

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    MP Metals can work to provide lubricants compatible with your part application. 

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    MP Metals works on simple and complex profiles.

Since 1965, MP Metals in Ixonia, Wisconsin, has been dedicated to custom Roll Forming metal shapes to meet the needs of our clients.

MP Metal Products specializes in custom roll forming. We roll form ferrous and non-ferrous metals into a variety of shapes, moldings, tubes, channels, hat shapes, zee shapes, rings, panels, angles, trim, frames, and accessories. We have a variety of specialty pre- and post-fabrications available, as well as extensive coating, painting, sealing, cladding and treating options. Our roll formed parts can be found in hundreds of industries including agricultural, residential and industrial construction, windows and doors, food service, HVAC, automotive, warehousing, communications, and many more. We also provide pre and post fabrication and coatings. Design assistance is also available to provide economical solutions and alternatives.

MP Metals receive the ORBIS "Supplier of the Month Gallis Award" for January 2020

ORBIS Award 2020 - MP Metals

The Gallis Award recognizes the ORBIS Supplier of the Month and is conferred upon suppliers and individuals that have proactively stepped-up to take whatever actions are necessary to support the ORBIS Value Proposition. The ORBIS Value Proposition is our commitment to provide the Highest Level of Quality, Service, and On-time Delivery, with Flawless Execution.

Morgan Geib and the entire team of MP Metal Products are hereby recognized as the recipients of the ORBIS "Supplier of the Month Gallis Award" for January 2020. The award is being presented to MP Metal Products because of their level of quality and service with production of roll-formed steel parts.

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What Makes Us Different

We are responsive, customer oriented and quality focused. We answer the phone (during business hours). We respond promptly to Customer requests. We operate in an ISO 9001:2015 environment.

  • Tubes
  • Common Shapes
  • Panels
  • Construction Parts
  • Heat Transfer Plates
  • Custom Shapes
  • Zee Sections
  • Hats
  • Rings
  • Cee Sections
  • Angles
  • Channels

Value Added Services

MP Metal Products also offers value added services, which include stamping, press braking, slitting, inline piercing and punching.

Markets We Serve

We have 35 roll formers serving automotive, agricultural, transportation, construction, material handling, storage, medical, furniture, electrical, recreation, and many other markets.

Materials, Gages, Finishes and Shapes

MP Metal Products has experience forming a variety of metals, including stainless steel, galvanized steel, aluminized steel, aluminum, copper and pre-painted coils. Gages range from .005" to .165", and widths from 1/2" to 48" in various alloys, tempers, and finishes, in simple or complex shapes.

Press Release ISO 9001:2015

MP Metal Products Achieves ISO 9001 : 2015 Certification

MP Metal Products is excited to announce its certification renewal from ISO 9001:2008 to ISO 9001:2015. As a part of the ISO certification process, MP Metal Products engaged in a rigorous audit of its business and manufacturing processes, as well as product quality requirements. These standards improve the experience of working with MP Metal Products for our customers and throughout our organization with a specific effect impact on Sales, Accounting, Maintenance, Purchasing, Outsourcing, Shipping, Receiving, Production, Resource Management, Quality Management Systems and Measurement Analysis Improvement.

Additionally, as a part of the ISO certification requirements, MP Metal Products maintains an ISO compliant Quality Management System ensuring our customers satisfaction and strengthened performance through constant process improvement.

MP Metal Products is proud to offer this tremendous value to our customers as we continue to thrive in our 50+ years of business. If you have roll forming needs, you need to speak with MP Metal Products. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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